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Trace Elements / geo MANIFERT Mg

Liquid Zinc

Essential Trace Elements


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The natural complexing agent LSA (Ligninosulfonate Ammonium), has the same chemical structure as the cell walls of the plant and the humus present in the soil, therefore, it has a high penetration and absorption efficiency without any risk of phytotoxicity, it also contains plant extracts to enhance benefits.

Available Packaging:  1lt

What is geo MANIFERT Zn for?

It favors the synthesis of chlorophyll and photosynthesis


Product Application

For all crops : 100-200ml/100lt

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Have us design a custom nutrition plan for you

If you are struggling with maintaining the right balance of nitrogen in your soil, our agronomists can help. The nitrogen cycle is complex, and depends on many factors. Your climate, soil type, crop type, and many other factors all play a role. Our agronomists can help you find the right fertilizer to keep your soil and your plants healthy, productive, and profitable.

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