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Liquid Biostimulant

Stimulate the plant's natural processes

Discover our range of best Liquid Biostimulants

In order to maintain and increase the biological activity of the soil, microflora and its microbial with an organic substance, frequent interventions with humic and organic formulations are required to activate the whole mechanism. GEO HUMUS liquid bio-agitators are made of high-quality European raw materials and humus extract (vermicompost )



Excellent quality liquid biostimulant which contains humic acids in a dense form as well as humus (vermicompost)


Liquid biostimulant-high quality humic-fulvic acid actuator. Improves fertility of the soil, stimulates the root system, activates (chelates) inorganic fertilizers.


COMPOST tea from vermicompost extracts. Rich in mocroorganisms ( bacteria, protozoa, actimomycetes, algae etc )

FAQ : All you need to know about geoHUMUS® liquid biostimulants

A liquid biostimulant for plants is a product made from natural ingredients (such as seaweed extract, humic acid, or amino acids) that is applied to plants in a liquid form to stimulate growth, enhance stress tolerance, and improve overall plant health. Unlike traditional chemical fertilizers, biostimulants do not provide nutrients directly to plants, but instead stimulate their own natural processes to promote growth and resilience.

geoHumus liquid biostimulants are used to improve plant growth and health, increase crop yield, and promote sustainable agriculture. They can be applied to a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

You may find our range of products at your local plant store or in most agricultural supply stores around Greece. Find where the closest geoHumus supplier for liquid biostimulant products located in your area.

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