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Garden Products

Fertilizers for Professionals & Amateur Gardeners

Discover our range of fertilizers & garden products

Fertilizers and garden products are essential for maintaining healthy soil and promoting optimal plant growth. Fertilizers provide the necessary nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, that may be deficient in the soil, to support plant growth. Garden products such as compost, mulch, and soil amendments like GeoHumus can improve soil quality by increasing organic matter content, improving water retention, and enhancing nutrient availability. Together, fertilizers and garden products play an important role in ensuring that plants have access to the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and health.

fertilizers for Garden

geo Slug Gone

A completely natural way to keep snails away from our garden.

geo Rooting
Powder & Gel

Specialized organic product containing limestone algae that aid healthy root creation and growth in transplants and young plants.

geo MEDO

Product for protecting and caring for cuts caused by pruning, grafting or by accident.

geo Anthomix

Liquid organic fertilizer which achieves bigger flowers and brighter colors.

geo Vegetable Garden

Fertilizer manufactured for the needs of a vegetable garden.

geo Azalea - Gardenia Hydrangeas - Camelia

Liquid organochemical fertilizer for flowering plants.

geo Fruiting Tree
Olive tree

Unique liquid fertilizer for fruiting and olive trees.

geo Green Plants

Slow release liquid nitrogen fertilizer.

geo Orchid I Growth

Specialized fertilizer for Orchid growth, contains the basic nutrients that orchids need.

geo Orchid II Bloom

Specialized fertilizer for Orchid Bloom. Contains the essential elements for flowering.

geo Trace Elements

Unique, dense composition of high-quality trace elements, especially iron (FE) and Manganese (Mn).

geo Chelated Iron EDDHA 6%

Chelated iron (Fe) in powder form, ideal for use in all types of soils regardless of pH.

geo Organic Iron (FE)

Unique combination of chelated FE EDDHA and EDTA in liquid form.

geo Calcium

Fertilizer that combines calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg)

geo Agrophyte

New technology liquid phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in liquid form.

geo Diatomite

Diatomite is a natural mineral of plant origin in form of white powder.

geo Copper Mixture

this fertilizer consists of three main trace elements of copper (Cu), manganese (Mg) and Zinc (Zn).

geo Yellow Sulphur

Sulphur fertilizer in a powder form. Sulphur is a secondary element, necessary for the production of amino acids & proteins in plants.

geo Plant Guard

A revitalizing organic mixture of algae and plant essential oils.

geo Biocare Defence

New technology fertilizer suitable for sustainable farming.

Cu Intercare

geo Intercare Cu

Liquid copper (Cu) fertilizer which has been chelated with EDTA.

geo Protective Films

Alternative way of protecting trees from insects without the use of pesticides, suitable for organic farming.

geo Yellow Traps

An excellent way for the control of flying insects and their eradication in green houses.

geo Green It

This product is a green emulsion which gives a long lasting greener colour to lawn.

geo Cabbage Collars

Biological way to protect cabbage and all cruciferous vegetables from the cabbage fly.

geo Red Worms

Redworms accelerate composting procedures and are beneficial microorganisms to the end product.

FAQ : All you need to know about geoHUMUS® garden fertilizers and products

A garden fertilizer product is a substance that is applied to soil or plants to provide essential nutrients that promote healthy growth and improve crop yield.

Choosing the right garden products with geoHumus involves considering the specific needs of your plants, the type of soil in your garden, and the nutrients that are lacking in your soil. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Assess your soil: Use a soil test kit or send a soil sample to a lab to determine the pH level and nutrient deficiencies in your soil.

  2. Identify the needs of your plants: Different plants have different nutrient requirements, so identify the specific needs of your plants to ensure you choose the right fertilizer.

  3. Choose the right product: geoHumus offers a range of organic fertilizers and soil conditioners that are designed to address specific soil deficiencies and improve soil health. Choose a product that matches the nutrient needs of your plants and the deficiencies in your soil.

  4. Follow instructions: Always follow the instructions provided with the product, including the recommended application rates and timing.

  5. Monitor results: Monitor the growth and health of your plants to see if the fertilizer is having the desired effect. If you are not seeing the results you want, consider adjusting the application rate or timing, or consulting with a gardening expert.

You may find our range of products at your local plant store or in most agricultural supply stores around Greece. Find where the closest geoHumus supplier for garden fertilizers & products located in your area.

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