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Calcium for Plants

Trace Elements / geo Albina

Calcium Liquid form

Better Calcium Distribution


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What is geo Albina for?

Benefits: reduces physiological abnormalities associated with a lack of calcium (bitter pit), enhances flowering and improves fruit setting, and enhances the shelf life of fruits after harvest.


Product Application

Fruit, Vine: 2-4 applications during flowering and after, 100ml/100lit

Vegetables (tomato, cucumber, eggplant, Melon, etc.):

2-3 applications from the beginning of fruiting 100ml/100lit

Citrus, Olive: 2-3 applications from flowering onwards 100ml / 100lit

Lettuce: after the 3rd leaf forms and every 15-20days, 100ml / 100lit

Cauliflower-broccoli: from the formation of the head and every 15 days 100ml/100lit

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Have us design a custom nutrition plan for you

If you are struggling with maintaining the right balance of nitrogen in your soil, our agronomists can help. The nitrogen cycle is complex, and depends on many factors. Your climate, soil type, crop type, and many other factors all play a role. Our agronomists can help you find the right fertilizer to keep your soil and your plants healthy, productive, and profitable.

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